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TwoDotSeven is an analytics and technology platform to manage all your working capital needs from one place
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Mission: Free Cash Flow
We help you create a working capital management system for your business
Prioritize Problems
Every business is unique. Together we identify the high leverage opportunities in your working capital cycle. We provide policy frameworks, analytical and technological solutions to capitalize on these opportunities.
Setup Systematic Solutions
We run on analytics. You make policy decisions to meet your organizational goals based on our analytical recommendations. We configure our technological solutions to systematically implement your policies.
Monitor and Manage
Metrics matter. You use our dashboards to measure impact of your decisions and adherence across the organization. The combination of lagging historical and leading predictive metrics allows you to course correct.
Our function specific solutions for you
including a few you didn't know you need
Grow sales sustainably
Credit Policy
Assign credit limits and payment terms to customer segments to grow sales while minimising payment delays
Block & Release Orders
Automatically block orders on credit policy breaches and release when pre-defined criterion are met
Customer Segmentation
Classify customers per their value and performance. Strategise per segment behaviour
Improve collection efficiency
Payment Discounts
Offer payment discounts to meet working capital requirements while maximising transaction profitability
Collection Prioritisation
Focus collection efforts on receivables at risk of delayed payments
Collection Tasks
Automatically create collection tasks for agents/team for faster collections
Payment Reminders
Send periodic payment reminders to customers for timely collections
Maintain optimal inventory
Inventory Forecasting
Forecast SKU quantities to be maintained at various locations optimizing for cost and demand
Procurement Reminders
Get timely reminders to procure SKUs or re-distribute amongst locations based on inventory levels
Empower credit control
Real-time Monitoring
Monitor overall and granularly with real-time dashboards across business function
Analzye Performance
Analyze performance at various granularites and strategize accordingly
Cross Team Collaboration
Collaborate on tasks across business functions for swift resolution and execution
Decisioning Assistance
Take fast and accurate decisions leveraging algorithm driven insights and recommendations
Free up cash from working capital
With our customized solutions for all your working capital needs, it's never been this easy to deploy analytics at scale.
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